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5 Reasons Your Guest Blogging Techniques Will Fail and Solution

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to promote websites and blogs for traffic these days. It is a working technique which many bloggers have been using for the past few years, and it is bringing them their desired results. But, ever since when people have been using this means to popularize their website, some bloggers have started misusing the privilege and that makes some bloggers to start rejecting guest blogging requests, even some bloggers do allow guest posts, and then reject the article after reading it immediately they discovered anything fishy in the contents.

The continuous rejection of guest posts has now become common in the guest blogging world, and it makes it hard for people’s post to get published and in this article are things to do to make bloggers consider your guest post.

Guest Blogging Rules to get published instantly

Avoid Low content quality

Due to popularity of guest blogging, there are more webmasters that are now using this activity as a way to build backlinks to their websites rapidly. Because some webmasters want their website to rank well, they are doing all they can to get it no matter what happen. The best way to make sure that your article gets published is to devote your time into checking your contents of anything that can make it look like a low quality. Avoid low quality article. Know if it is up to the standard of the website you wanted to submit it for and evaluate their readers response on articles related to that on the blog.

Avoid Duplicate Content in Your Guest Posts

Some guest bloggers are no more ready to spend much time in providing good and informative posts and, that is why many website owners do rejected their guest posts because it is in most time full of duplicated phrases on the internet. If you don’t write good and duplicate-free content for your guest posts, chances are that it won’t get published. Find the best time to proofread and check your guest posts on plagiarism checking sites like,, to be sure if it does not exists somewhere else.

Blog Reputation

Reputation of the blog you are writing for does matters some times. If you are writing for a blog which you know very much that their readers are high profiled people, you should make sure to write to the taste of those people. Not just to write anything for them to read. You can’t just submit an article you like to ShoutMeLoud and expect Harsh to publish it without targeting the type of contents their readers are looking for.

Search Engines Ranking

Any article you wrote for the purpose of getting search engine ranking must be well written. If you can’t take more time in providing the best of your ability, getting your contents published is like a mirage.

The Link You Are Targeting – don’t write off-niche

Since sending out too much links from a blog can affect search engine ranking of such website, getting your content published on other blogs will certainly depends mostly on the type of link you are targeting in the article. Don’t point your links to another website in your author bio that doesn’t relate to the niche you are writing the article for.