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How to Find Do-Follow Blogs to Increase Your Page Rank

People think blog comments alone will get their rankings up on search results, but unfortunately that’s not true, only the comments that you have made on do-follow blogs add up to your search rankings and page rank from Google. So how you go about find the do-follow blogs? Here is a easy way to do that. But before we go ahead please make sure you are not misusing the method and start spamming the blogs, that way Google will still consider your links as spams and these comments will not do you any good.

From my own experience its really a rough path out there to find out a do-follow blog, reason is simple the number of do-follow blogs are far too less when compared to no-follow and by default wordpress blogs now add a no-follow tag to the comments link and most webmaster don’t mind changing them to do-follow. So its a waste of time to look for a do-follow blog that is build up on wordpress.

Only alternative that is available right now to find do-follow blogs is find blogs that run on Blog Engine, a product from microsoft, Blog Engine do not use no-follow tag in their comment area by default and there are less number of webmaster who take time to change that to no-follow. So if you find a blog from Blog Engine there is a high chance that you might end up finding more blogs that pass their link juice to you.

Here is an easy way to find Blog Engine blogs. Just do a search in Google with this exact words in quotes "notify me when new comments are added"

This will bring you up almost all the blog engine blog pages that is listed in Google so far.

If you want to find specific blogs that is related to your niche then you can add your keyword at the end and do a search like this
"notify me when new comments are added" YOUR KEYWORD HERE

You can use any keyword you need and do a search that will bring up the pages that has your keyword in it. This way you can build links on blogs that are more relevant to your niche which will have more authority from Google point of view.

To find whether the blog uses do-follow attribute in their comment area make sure to use this plugin from firefox NoDofollow,

Just check the previously made comment links, if the links appear in blue or light violet whatever you call it then it means its a do-follow blog and if the links appear in red color then it means its a no-follow blog.

Also make sure whether the blog is active, whether the blog approves comments from users and whether you are posting your comments on new posts not on post that is more than six months old.