Tips to get traffic from FB using Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm

Every blogger wants tons of traffic for their blog and ‘Facebook’ is a great source to get thousands of visitors to your blog. Tradition methods to get traffic from Facebook I am not going to tell you the traditional methods to get traffic from Facebook e.g. Create Fan page and share your link there. Join…

Kannibal turundus veebis

Mihkel Lauk osalusturunduse agentuur MRM’ist kirjutas tugeva loo probleemidest, mis meediapindade omanike ja nende pindade kasutajate ees seisavad. Probleem on tegelikult väga mitmetahuline. Lahendusi otsimas on paljud. On tõsi, et ei reklaamijad ega saidiomanikud – veel vähem aga need, kes oma kampaaniaid täna Internetis ei tee – pole tänase seisuga rahul. Ühed saidid on valinud suure hulga bännerpindade…

5 Reasons Your Guest Blogging Techniques Will Fail and Solution

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to promote websites and blogs for traffic these days. It is a working technique which many bloggers have been using for the past few years, and it is bringing them their desired results. But, ever since when people have been using this means to popularize their website, some bloggers have…

Google Penguin is depositing more dollars in Google Bank Account

Few webmaster said that they have used Paid Clicks from Google to compensate their client loss because of ‘Google penguin’.

Know how to stop spam comments count without using wordpress plugin

A spammer usually access your ‘wp-comments-post.php’ file directly to put comments and it has been observed that most spammer’s doesn’t have any referral value in HTTP_REFERER.

How to Make Money Blogging

You need a blog that is popular that has a fair amount of people visiting you on a daily basis.

Google is re-writing your page title tags

Google is doing this because they don’t want to rely on anything from the webmaster – Title, Description, Links, Anchor and Text etc

What are CPM, CPC, CPA, CPS and CTR | Online Business Terminology

One of my friends asked me what are CPM, CPC, CTR and CPS etc. I explained him with best of my knowledge. I thought there are lots of new people creating their blog daily so lots of people have similar questions; so I have created this article to explain these terms to all of you.…

Paginate Comments On WordPress

One of the best things I like about wordpress is comments system, it encourages your visitors to engage in healthy conversation with you. I have came across some super popular blogs where each posts receives hundreds of comments and the page gets really long to browse through all the comments, although long pages with huge…

4 Truths About Following The Foot Steps Of Your Competitor In SEO

When you want to rank high for a particular term and also a very competitive term then you probably need to find a easy way to achieve it which others in your niche fail to do. Yes its following the foot steps of your competitor who is already ranking high for the term you are…